April 13, 2022

9 - El islote del Colomer     10 - Cala Boquer


The Colomer islet (9) is the symbol and the characteristic image of the rugged and wild terrain of the Sierra de Tramuntana. It is seen as a loose piece of the Formentor peninsula, a rock formation of small dimensions and compact appearance. It is named for the large number of wild pigeons that nest in it. Marine conditions for anchoring boats are dangerous if winds from the northeast blow. GPS position 39º 56,40' 10" N 3º 07,57' 73" E, 11,91 miles from our dock. Estimated speed of arrival at 22 knots - 34 minutes.

Cala Bóquer or Vall de Bóquer (10) is an entry of impressive and wild sea that is introduced 300 meters inland, sheltered by imposing cliffs, limestone and free of vegetation. On its western side stands Serra de Cavall Bernat, with heights of 360 meters, which precipitates vertically over the water, extending between Cala Sant Vicenç and Punta de la Sal. This inlet ends on a rocky coast, on whose left bank you can see a small beach of pebbles and gravels overflowing with posidonia algae. This virgin sea beam, open to the north-northwest winds, presents the best marine and underwater conditions to anchor a boat between Cap de Formentor and Cala Tuent, even fishermen dock their boats here. GPS position 39º 55,44' 26" N 3º 05,50' 23" E, 13,75 miles from our dock. Estimated speed of arrival at 22 knots - 38 minutes