March 30, 2020
by Captain

Alcudia bay is located on the northwest coast of Mallorca, one of the most attractive areas of the island, with a beach of more than 15 km in length.

The nearest beach from Puerto de Alcudia is Aucanada, a great beach to relax as it is not very large and also has an islet with a lighthouse that can be accessed by swimming. The boat passes in front of the islet and approaches the coast allowing customers to see some caves that cannot be accessed on foot.

To the east you will find Es Caló. Es Caló or Caló de Betlem is a beautiful cove in the north of Artà. There is a nice walk near cliffs and it is full of small bathing areas. It is an ideal place for an excursion. Many people know him by s'Aigua Dolça.

You can anchor in this beautiful beach of golden sand and only 25 meters long, and 4 meters wide. It is not usually busy and nudism is allowed. It is perfect for couples looking for a secluded setting to have an intimate and romantic day.

Another beach in Es Coll Baix is a good example of the beautiful coves and beaches we have in Mallorca. In a totally virgin environment and protected by high cliffs and a pine forest area. It’s not easy to get to Coll Baix, but in return we’ll find a little paradise. 

Coll Baix beach is not made of sand, but of stones. They are not the typical large, pebble-like stones, but very small stones. It’s like a mixture of pebbles and gravel. This makes it comfortable to lie on the beach, not how it happens on many pebble beaches. However, keep in mind that there is no shadow area, so a good tip is to bring an umbrella.