April 11, 2022

5 - Cala Murta     6 - Cala en Grosssalba    7 - Cabo Formentor     8 - Cala Figuera


Cala Murta (5) is an spectacular sea inlet, shaped like that, is introduced about 180 meters inland (the width of the mouth measures 150 meters), ending in a semicircular beach, similar to a rada, where a torrent also dies. The cliffs form its margins, being the right populated by an oak tree and the left by the possessió (rural estate) of Cala Murta and by the oratory of the Mare de Déu of Formentor, wrapped by a pine forest. The marine conditions make this sea sleeve an excellent place for anchoring boats, as it is very safe against the winds of northern component. GPS position 39º 56,22' 55" N 3º10 56' 50º E, 5,74 miles from our jetty. Estimated speed of arrival at 22 knots - 17 minutes.

Cala en Grosssalba (6) Located between Cala Murta, les Butzes and Morro del Pont (excellent panoramic views), as well as under the gaze of Puig de les Butzes (162 meters altitude). This inlet of beautiful, virgin and paradisiacal sea is characterized by having a "U" shape, reduced dimensions, a slope in which boulders and gravels predominate, a southeast-orientedsouth-west, as well as two coves when touching the mainland and being surrounded by high mountains and pine trees. Its marine conditions are suitable for anchoring boats. GPS position 39º 56,33' 00” N 3º 11,22' 02" E, 5,97 miles from our jetty. Estimated speed of arrival at 22 knots - 19 minutes.

Formentor Cape (7) is located at the northern end of the island. It literally means "the end of Formentor". It is the northernmost point of the island. Meeting point of the winds is a magical place with its lighthouse and its impressive cliffs, a place of which painters, poets and writers have written and painted, which from the sea is even more spectacular. From the boat we will enjoy spectacular views of the viewpoint of Cape Formentor, and unique views. GPS position 39º 57,44' 86" N 3º 12,52' 06" E at 7,86 miles from our dock. Estimated speed of arrival at 22 knots - 24 minutes.

Cala Figuera (8) is an spectacular sea inlet, shaped "U" that ends on a beach between cliffs, being those of the right margin vertical, stone and high, while those on the left side are of marès (sandstone), lower and sloping oblique. At its rear rises is Fumat (334 meters altitude). Sand and boulders, covered with posidonia algae, carp this slope, where a torrent flows. Two boulders emerge in front of the coast. The marine conditions for anchoring boats are dangerous if they blow north-northeast winds, It is recommended to enter leaving port the two existing islets inside. GPS position 39º 57,07' 25" N 3º 10,35' 96" E, 9,74 miles from our dock. Estimated speed of arrival at 22 knots - 31 minutes.