ZAR 43

ZAR 43

Boat information

It is the “little one” of the family. But maybe the most amazing one. ZAR 43 is 4.30 meters long and 2.16 meters wide; it offers liveability, safety, comfort and performances that are hard to see in a traditional 5.5-meter long rubber dinghy. Even if mathematicians don’t like it (but as you well know sometimes math can be an opinion), it has been able to show that 4.50 can be equal to 5.50. Absolutely safe and comfortable transportation of 7 persons, with huge peaks, it can bear a 90 HP and it sails fast and slender like a squirrel with a motor “without a licence”.

It has two separate sun bathing beds (the front one is almost as big as a double bed), it has a fuel capacity of about 100 litres and a water capacity of about 60 litres without taking away any passenger space. Just like its bigger brothers, it has tubulars with 6 compartments and it can be provided with a roll bar, shower, awnings and tents for nautical camping. ZAR 43 does not have any competitor simply because it is a ZAR, a little gigantic ZAR. Complete with VTR drive console with front seat, rudder and handrail of stainless steel, single cable steering, windshield, 1 indoor compartment, waterproof door, console seat cushion and seat back; stainless steel ladder with dashboard on VTR; 2 bollards and 4 handrails made of stainless steel; stainless steel anchor winch nose; 3 gas springs for afterpeak and forepeak covers; prow cushion, stern cushion, stern headrest cushion,padded stern backrest, repair kit, inflation pump, pressure gauge, paddle oars, oars with rowlock pin. (All cushions are made of closed cell expanded polyurethane).


Same features of the classic ZAR 43 improved with white/grey carbon style cushions upholstery, sport driving wheel, n° 3 bow backrest cushions.

Technical data


Length: 4.6 m, Beam: 2.2 m,


Pax non pernocta: 7,


Engine horsepower: 90 hp,



Anchor box Voltmeter


Bimini Electric windlass Outside shower Swim ladder

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